Business and Disability

disability_sign_low_resCompetitive businesses increasingly recognize the value and importance of diverse workforces, and particularly the value to be had in employing persons with disabilities.  We are pleased to provide information on two resources available to our members seeking more information on this subject.

USCIB is proud to serve on the Steering Committee of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network, comprised of multinational enterprises, employer’s organizations, business networks and disability organizations around the world who share the conviction that people with disabilities add value to workplaces.

This ILO initiative has gathered over 50 multinational enterprises and employer’s organizations and business networks from a diverse range of sectors.

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network supports its members in their disability work and facilitates business-to-business dialogue around disability issues by:

  • Sharing knowledge and identifying good practices;
  • Developing joint products and services; and
  • Strengthening employers’ organizations and business networks through capacity building

For more information about the Network, visit

The second resource, offered by the Employment and Disability Institute in ILR School at Cornell University, is a free, online one-hour short course entitled Make the Strategic Case for Disability in the Workplace.  This ideo-based course features examples from well-known U.S. based companies that have made progress in including people with disabilities in their workplaces.

Find out more or register by going to:

Staff Contact:   Ronnie Goldberg

Senior Counsel
Tel: 212.703.5057

Ronnie Goldberg advises USCIB’s president and CEO on strategic matters and represents American business at several high-level forums. She currently serves as the U.S. employer representative on the International Labor Organization’s Governing Body, and chairs the BIAC Employment, Labor, and Social Affairs (ELSA) Committee.
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