Business at OECD
Location: Paris
Founded: 1962
Membership: Top business organizations from all 35 OECD member economies as well as major non-member economies


Business at OECD speaks for business at the OECD. Established in 1962, it stands for policies that enable businesses of all sizes to contribute to growth, economic development and prosperity. Through Business at OECD, national business and employers federations and their members provide expertise to the OECD and governments for competitive economies, better business and better lives.

Recent News

USCIB Launches Advocacy Campaign on OECD Accession Process (9/21/2022) - USCIB launched its advocacy campaign on the OECD accession process last week, co-hosting with the U.S. Chamber “The OECD Accession Process: Why it Matters for U.S. Business,” a high level dialogue featuring OECD legal counsel, Business at OECD (BIAC) and leaders of U.S. industry. The event featured Gita Kothari, OECD deputy director for legal affairs, Ali Karami Ruis, BIAC senior […]
USCIB’s Annual OECD Tax Conference Focuses on Pillars One and Two (6/29/2022) - Following a landmark OECD/G20 statement and implementation plan announced on October 8, 2021, multinational companies are now facing a global minimum corporate tax on their operations with multilaterally agreed limitations on said tax. The implementation plan at national levels, known as Pillar Two, seeks to address the tax challenges arising from the digitalization of the economy and was endorsed by […]

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