Carnet Cancellation FAQs

  1. When do I return the Carnet?

    The Carnet should be returned after its final use or immediately after its expiration, whichever comes first.

  2. To where do I return the Carnet?

    The Carnet holder should make and keep a clear copy of the whole Carnet booklet (all used and even un-used sheets), and return the original via receipted mail to the company that issued you the Carnet.

  3. What should I do if the Carnet is misplaced, lost, or destroyed?

    Please contact your issuing company for assistance.

  4. What should I do if the merchandise is sold in the country of importation?

    If goods are sold overseas, proof of payment (a cashier’s receipt) from the Customs of the country of importation should be attached to the returned Carnet.  Please note that the Carnet number must be indicated on the cashier’s receipt.

  5. Is it possible for the goods under the Carnet to remain in the country after the Carnet has expired?

    It may be. You may apply for a replacement Carnet, which normally allows the goods to stay in the country of import for another year.  Approval and acceptance of replacement Carnets vary from country to country.  To apply, please contact the office where you obtained your original Carnet at least 30 days prior to Carnet expiration.

  6. I received a duplicate Carnet after I lost the original. The duplicate was sent back to you. Why am I still getting reminder letters?

    In order to cancel a Carnet, both the duplicate and the original must be returned. Reminder letters will be generated if only the duplicate was returned. If you do not have the original then the Carnet must remain open for one year after the expiration date. If no claim(s) is issued during that time period then the Carnet will be cancelled.

  7. My Carnet was never used. Do I still have to return it?

    Yes, all Carnets must be returned even if they were never used.  Carnets that are not returned will be considered ‘open’ and thus, the associated security deposit will remain in effect until the time during which a customs claim may be submitted to USCIB has ended.

Staff Contact:   Dale Ogasawara

Director, Carnet Claims and Trade Services
Tel: 212.703.5071

Dale Ogasawara has been with USCIB for over twenty years and has extensive knowledge of the ATA Carnet as well as both foreign and U.S. Customs claims.

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