Business Guide to Trade and Investment, Vol. 2

Business Guide to Trade and Investment
Volume 2 – International Investment
by Arthur E. Appleton and Patrick F.J. Macrory

Focusing on Investment, this book provides an overview of rules applicable to making and protecting foreign investments. It will enable the business community, in-house counsel, and government counsel to better understand the types of protection provided by international investment agreements and investment contracts, as well as the range of issues that arise in the arbitration of investment disputes.

With contributions from 25 legal experts, the book addresses:

  • preliminary issues that an organisation contemplating making a foreign investment must consider;
  • sources of investors’ rights with respect to their investments;
  • the substance of investors’ rights;
  • important jurisdictional issues;
  • the process of investor-state dispute settlement.

User Friendly

Throughout the book, business guidance can be found in shaded boxes. Case descriptions and brief legal analyses appear in text boxes. Legal references and cases are provided in endnotes that follow each chapter.

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Business Guide to Trade and Investment Vol 2

ICC Publication No. 795E
Paperback, 2018 Edition
Pages: 216
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 978-92-842-0477-9

Incoterms® 2020

Incoterms® 2020
ICC Official Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms

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The first Incoterms® rules were released in 1936 by the International Chamber of Commerce.  They caused a sensation in the business world by bringing coherence to a commercial and judicial system that changed from country to country. ICC’s Incoterms® help traders avoid misunderstandings and disputes by clarifying the costs, risks, and the allocation of certain responsibilities of buyers and sellers in contracts for the sale of goods.

Incoterms® 2020 continues an 80-year ICC tradition and reflects the latest developments in commercial practice and updates, and consolidates some of the former rules. Changes made to the rules have been made to adapt the terms to new developments in world trade.

The updated Incoterms® 2020 will be released in Fall 2019, with implementation starting on January 1, 2020.

More details to come.

Incoterms® 2020

Users’ Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600

Users’ Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600
By Walter (Buddy) Baker, John F. Dolan

Users’ Handbook for Documentary Credits under UCP 600 is designed to serve as an introduction to users of documentary credits, that is, to sellers and buyers who seek to increase their access to cross-border markets. It strives to demonstrate the way commercial parties and bankers have used this remarkable commercial device, the documentary credit, to achieve their objectives.

The Users’ Handbook is divided into five parts:

  • Part One is a brief discussion of international sales and transport.
  • Part Two explains the banking industry’s crucial role in documentary credit transactions and illustrates many of the transactions in which commercial parties utilize the documentary credit.
  • Part Three explains the way documents control the payment function of the documentary credit.
  • Part Four introduces the all-important feature of the documentary credit – the ways it opens financing options to sellers, which can then extend credit to buyers.
  • Part Five introduces the standby credit and illustrates its role in cross-border transactions.

Users’ Handbook also contains a handy glossary of international trade terms for easy reference.

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Users Handbook For Documentary Credits UCP 600

ICC Publication No. 694
Paperback, 2008 Edition
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 978-92-842-0043-6

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Commentary on UCP 600

Commentary on UCP 600
Article-by-Article Analysis by the UCP 600 Drafting Group

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has established rules on documentary credits worldwide for more than 70 years. UCP 600, the latest version of ICC’s universally used rules on documentary credits, came into effect on July 1, 2007.

Members of the Drafting Group that developed the new UCP have produced an article-by-article commentary on the rules. Commentary on UCP 600, which reflects the Group’s personal views, explains their rationale behind the changes in the rules and clarifies the general principles that underlie them.

The Drafting Group’s Commentary on the UCP 600 examines each of the 39 articles of the new UCP. Each article and sub-article is analyzed under four different topics:

  • the text of the article or subarticle
  • the key changes from UCP 500
  • the commentary explaining the rationale for the new language
  • the cross references to other articles in UCP 600

Practical, compact and easy to read, Commentary on UCP 600 will be a reference book of choice for students and users of the new UCP.

Commentary on UCP 600 frankly addresses the contentious issues in the new rules, among them:

  • the term on their face and why it was dropped in all but one UCP article
  • the removal of the words reasonable time
  • the language allowing discounting of deferred payment credits
  • the new article on definitions, containing terms such as honour and negotiation

On these and other key points, Commentary on UCP 600 provides an invaluable insight into the thinking of those who drafted the new UCP.

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Commentary on UCP 600

ICC Publication No. 680
Paperback, 2007 Edition
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 978-92-842-0015-3

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Business Guide to Trade and Investment

Business Guide to Trade and Investment
Volume 1 – International Trade
by Arthur E. Appleton and Patrick F.J. Macrory

Volume 1 of this series introduces business interests to the international and regional rules applicable to trade in goods and services, as well as to aspects of trade such as intellectual property rights and dispute settlement. Businesses that have an understanding of the history of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) will find it easier to appreciate how they can benefit economically from the international trade regime.

Volume 1 covers the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to the world trading system, economic and political benefits of trade, structure and functioning of the WTO
  • Fundamental rules governing international trade
  • Customs issues including how customs authorities determine the amount of duties due on imports
  • Non-tariff barriers
  • WTO rules relating to subsidies
  • How industries can obtain relief from imports causing them harm
  • Rules applicable to trade in agricultural goods
  • Government procurement
  • Export Controls and Sanctions
  • Rules applicable to Trade in Services, IP rights
  • How disputes are settled in the WTO and regional trade agreements

The book also includes case studies showing how particular industries have used the rules to open foreign markets or to protect themselves from injurious imports.

The authors have worked hard to simplify the complex and technical subjects of trade and investment to make them more accessible. Technical subjects have been broken down into readily understandable language. Business guidance is provided in the form of Shaded Tip Boxes, as well as legal details in Text Boxes.

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ICC Publication No. 781E
Paperback, 2017 Edition
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 978-92-842-0377-2

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ICC Guide to Export/Import 2018

ICC Guide to Export/Import 2018
Global Business Standards & Strategies
By Guillermo C. Jimenez

Now in its 5th edition, this Guide has introduced a generation of international trade professionals to the essential rules and standard practices of the export import trade.

This thoroughly-revised edition includes up-to-date coverage of such crucial topics as:

  • Export Contracts
    Which documents are used to create and fulfill an export import contract?
    How do you properly use a pro forma invoice, purchase order, bill of lading, letter of credit, etc.?
  • Incoterms® 2010 rules
    Which Incoterms® rules are currently valid and which have been ruled obsolete?
    Which Incoterms® rules are used for general transport and which for maritime transport?
  • Dispute Resolution and ADR
    What is the difference between international litigation and international commercial arbitration? How do parties agree to arbitration under the ICC International Court of Arbitration (ICA)?
    What are the procedures at the ICA?
  • UCP 600
    What rules apply to letters of credit?
    What about standby letters of credit?
    Demand guarantees?
    What special rules apply to electronic documents and electronic letters of credit?
  • International Transport
    What different types of transport service providers are available for export import?
    What is the difference between a freight forwarder and a consolidator or NVOCC?
    How do you properly insure cargo for maximum coverage?
  • International Business Contracts
    How do you negotiate an international agency, distributorship, franchise, or trademark licensing contract?
    What are the ICC Model Contracts?
    What other international business contracts should you understand?
  • E-Commerce
    What do exporters and importers need to know about the Internet and e-commerce?
  • Intellectual Property
    How do exporters and importers protect their intellectual property rights internationally?

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ICC Publication No. 790E, 5th Edition
Paperback, 2018 Edition
Price: $75.00
ISBN: 978-92-842-0423-6

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Coming Soon: 2015 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice

212_2015AnnualBookCoverThe USCIB International Bookstore will soon carry the 2015 Annual Review of International Banking Law & Practice.

At over 500 pages, this title is the field’s definitive record of Letter of Credit & Guarantee activity.  The 2015 Annual Review includes the key articles and industry reports on LC practice of the past year, as well as over 90 summaries of court cases from around the world. The annual review is available in both print and electronic versions.

Annual Survey of Letter of Credit Law & Practice Conference

Sign up today for the Annual Survey of Letter of Credit Law & Practice Conference in Tampa, FL on March 12-13. The conference is hosted by the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice (IIBLP), a partner of the United States Council for International Business (USCIB).

The Annual Survey is the premier LC event of the year. It is the only truly global forum dedicated to LC. The Annual Survey offers an unsurpassed networking opportunity by placing you face-to-face with over 100 of the leading LC professionals from banks, law firms, corporations and universities throughout the world.

Current problems and issues are openly aired in a direct exchange between industry leaders, offering analysis and educational opportunities through this intimate format.

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ICC Ethics and Compliance Training Handbook, $90.00
This practical guide and training tool provides hands-on expertise from distinguished practitioners in the field of corporate integrity and compliance. It offers useful guidance on performing risk assessment, installing a whistleblowing system, exercising due diligence when selecting agents or intermediaries, and conducting internal investigations.

Intellectual Property Licensing, $18.00
This booklet identifies and explains common issues that businesses face in connection with intellectual property right (IPR) licensing. It will help trademark and technology owners, IP Lawyers and businesses determine whether an IPR license is appropriate and necessary, and ensure that the license is properly documented and implemented.

Domain Names and New Generic Top-Level Domains, $18.00
To help businesses and trademark holders better understand the evolving domain name landscape, this paper provides an overview of the structure of the domain name system, the new gTLD program, and the mechanisms available to defend trademark rights.

Third Party Funding in International Arbitration, $90.00
Arbitration proceedings can be very complex and costly. How can you raise funds to cover those rising costs? The newest in the well-known Dossier series, Third Party Funding provides a complete picture of the challenges and opportunities of third party funding and the reactions it may arouse among international arbitration practitioners.

Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts, $150.00
Written by Fabio Bortolotti, a world-renowned expert on contract law, this completely updated guide provides insights into the basic requirements of a well-drafted contract. It is an invaluable tool for practitioners and students who wish to understand and prepare for the main issues they may face when dealing with international contracts.

Notes from the Field – Negotiating Around the World, $13.50
Business negotiations are increasingly taking place across borders. This publication gives guidance on preparing parties with diverse expectations and understanding of issues. It will help smooth negotiating processes and improve relationships between business partners.

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Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts

Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts
By Fabio Bortolotti
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This newly updated Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts clarifies issues surrounding cross-border agreements and provides solutions to the complex problems they raise.

Written by Fabio Bortolotti, a world-renowned expert on contract law, this book analyzes in depth the negotiating process and offers insights into the basic requirements of a well-drafted contract, such as:

  • The choice of the applicable law
  • The choice of jurisdiction
  • International arbitration
  • The use of more international drafting techniques
  • Hardship, force majeure and liquidated damages


This publication also provides incisive commentary on the model contracts developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration, Incoterms® 2010 and Unidroit Principles 2010.  It is a great help for negotiators, business people, lawyers and even students studying International Trade!

ICC Model International Sale Contract 2013

ICC Model International Sale Contract 2013 Banner

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Training on the ICC Model International Sale Contract, 11 October 2013 in Paris. The full program and brochure are now available!

Learn how to use this recently published tool from two of the co-authors of the ICC Model International Sale Contract. Benefit from interactive sessions and real life scenarios. A copy of the publication will be handed to you at the training.


11 October 2013


ICC Hearing Center, Paris

Working language



Providing clear directions to sellers and buyers, the contract takes the parties step-by-step through the process – from A to Z covering:

  • general characteristics of the contract
  • scope of application
  • termination of the contract
  • dispute resolution

Who should attend

Legal directors and corporate counsel from companies involved in international trade

  • Practicing lawyers
  • Legal practitioners advising international trading companies

Business people involved in international trade and dispute resolution

Register online here and receive a 5% discount. Make sure to use code: USA-9029