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What Causes a Claim?

Claims are caused by improper handling of Carnet merchandise.  Here are some examples which may result in a claim:

  • Goods are sold and will remain in the importing country permanently;
  • Goods are stolen or lost;
  • Goods are not re-exported in a timely manner:
  • Re-exported after the expiration of a Carnet from an importing country; or
  • Re-exported after a designated date of re-exportation set by a foreign customs inspector at the time of importation.
  • Indirect proof of re-exportation may cause a claim for countries such as Austria, Singapore, Switzerland, and UAE

Customs authorities have a right to limit the duration of a Carnet to less than the Carnet validity.  When such a restriction is noted on the importation counterfoil of the Carnet, the Holder must ensure that the goods are re-exported on or before that date. The Holder may petition foreign customs for an extension of this date. However, permission must be obtained prior to the designated date of re-exportation. It has been our experience that India, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand typically restrict importations on Carnets.

  • Clerical errors made by Carnet Holders or their authorized representatives or customs inspectors, e.g., the handling of split or partial shipments under Carnets.

When Will a Claim be Issued?

A foreign customs authority must issue a claim within twelve months after the Carnet expiration. Working in conjunction with USCIB, Holders have six months from the date of the customs claim notification, within which to provide evidence of re-exportation out of the country issuing the claim. Once a claim is received, the Carnet will not be cancelled and the security against the Carnet will be held until all claims are resolved.

How Will I be Notified?

Upon receipt of a claim from foreign customs, USCIB will verify its validity and will attempt to settle the claim based on the documentation within the Carnet itself.  However, if the necessary evidence is not available, USCIB will send a claim notification letter to the Holder at the address in our file. It is important for Carnet Holders to notify their Service Provider of any changes in address and/or contact people.

Please note that there is a time limit to present evidence to foreign customs. The Holder is expected to assist USCIB’s Claims Examiners in settling the claim by responding promptly to our notifications. The Holder should:

  • Submit all documentary proof to USCIB immediately; or
  • Send written authorization, including Carnet number, to pay the taxes, duties and penalties as assessed by the foreign customs if the merchandise will remain in the importing country permanently; or
  • Contact a Foreign Claims Examiner for further assistance.

Staff Contact:   Dale Ogasawara

Director, Carnet Claims and Trade Services
Tel: 212.703.5071

Dale Ogasawara has been with USCIB for over twenty years and has extensive knowledge of the ATA Carnet as well as both foreign and U.S. Customs claims.

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