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Need a source for your story, or a speaker for your event? USCIB has a roster of knowledgeable experts ready to answer the call. Click on a name to view sample speaking topics and biographical information. Contact Deputy Director of Communications & Marketing Kira Yevtukhova ( for more information.

Our Experts

Insightful Presentations on a Broad Range of Critical Policy Issues

Peter Robinson
President and CEO
International Regulatory Diplomacy | U.S. & Global Trade Policy 
International Organizations | Climate Change

Shaun DonnellyShaun Donnelly
VP, Investment and Financial Services
US & Global Trade Policy | Foreign Direct Investment | Anti-Corruption

Megan Giblin
Director, Customs and Trade Facilitation

Gabriella Rigg Herzog
VP, Corporate Responsibility and Labor Affairs

Norine KennedyNorine Kennedy
VP, Strategic International Engagement, Energy and Environment
Global Environmental Policy | Energy Policy 
International Organizations | Climate Change

Barbara WannerBarbara Wanner
VP, ICT Policy
Internet Governance | Data Privacy
Big Data | Internet of Things

Staff Contact:   Kira Yevtukhova

Deputy Director, Marketing and Communications
Tel: 202.617.3160

Kira Yevtukhova manages USCIB’s print and online publications, including the website, e-newsletter and quarterly magazine, and serves as the organization’s digital media strategist. Prior to this role, Kira worked for over five years within USCIB’s Policy Department, focusing on climate change, environment, nutrition, health, and chemicals related policy issues. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and has an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.
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