Cross-Atlantic Social Partners Convene to Discuss Jobs for a Green Transition 

Ewa Staworzynska (USCIB)

The EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council (TCC) held a workshop of the Transatlantic Initiative for Sustainable Trade (TIST), titled “Promotion of Good Quality Jobs for a Successful, Just and Inclusive Green Economy,” in Washington DC on January 30. The workshop focused on the promotion of good quality jobs for a successful, just and inclusive green transition. Organizations such as the the International Labor Organization (ILO), Business Europe, AFL-CIO, the European Trade Union Confederation and government agencies from both sides of the Atlantic provided perspectives during the meeting. 

USCIB Director for Corporate Responsibility and Labor Affairs Ewa Staworzynska gave remarks at the workshop, alongside USCIB members Lisa Schroeter (Dow) and Josh Connelly (LinkedIn). Connelly provided relevant data on workforce skilling and the gender gap, highlighting that women are disproportionally impacted by the green transition, due to the lack of parity in the market, especially in the green sector. 

Staworzynska spoke on the issue of supply chain transparency in the context of the green transition, underscoring that supply chain traceability is extremely complex, especially in higher tiers. “American companies have championed supply chain improvements globally, and we count on the U.S. government and the European Union to help sourcing countries tackle root causes of labor risks, such as poverty and informality,” she said. Staworzynska further highlighted that the just transition policies must take into account the realities faced by companies globally in order to be effective. 

“USCIB has had a longstanding engagement at the TCC,” said Staworzynska. “We look forward to highlighting the important work of our members, such as LinkedIn and Dow, and working with the EU and the U.S. to ensure a just and inclusive green transition.” 

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