Carnet Usage: Departing a Foreign Country

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  1. Use the white reexportation voucher that has the same number as the most recently used importation voucher.  Complete section D & E. Indicate only those item numbers that are leaving in Section F(a). Also indicate the corresponding importation voucher number in the second part of Section F(a). Complete Section F(b,c,d), if applicable.
  2. Sign and date the voucher.
  3. Present the Carnet to customs at time of departure.
  4. The foreign customs inspector must clearly indicate only those item numbers that are leaving in Section 1 of the counterfoil, along with the corresponding importation voucher number.  (If an item(s) is not reexported and duties are paid, it is vital that a customs cashier’s receipt be obtained from the local customs authorities.  This receipt must clearly list the merchandise not reexported (as on General List) and must note the Carnet number. The Carnet and customs receipt should be returned to the USCIB upon completion of the final use of the Carnet.)
  5. Foreign customs will validate both counterfoil and voucher.  Customs will then detach and retain the voucher for a later comparison to the importation voucher.
  6. Special Note: Customs authorities in the European Union (EU) may be unwilling or unavailable to validate ATA Carnets for goods moving between EU member countries.  Before final departure from the EU, INSIST on validation of both re-exportation counterfoil and voucher.
  7. All items not reexported because of loss, theft, destruction or other reason are subject to all applicable duties, taxes, and possible penalties.
  8. Carnet Holders who fail to have the Carnet validated at the time of departure may be charged a regularization fee by the foreign customs authorities even if a claim does not occur.

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