ICC Dispute Resolution

USCIB is the U.S. National Committee to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and so is also known as ICC USA in that context. Among other things, it:

  1. Provides U.S. business views on international dispute resolution policy, conventions, and papers;
  2. Operates an Arbitration Committee, with a chair and various regional and topical sub-committee chairs, through which its arbitration-related activities are principally conducted and managed;
  3. Nominates U.S. members to the ICC International Court of Arbitration;
  4. Nominates U.S. members to serve on the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR and its Task Forces;
  5. Maintains a database of U.S. neutrals and non-U.S. neutrals residing in the U.S.;
  6. Nominates U.S. neutrals to serve in ICC cases, through its Nominations Commission; and
  7. Acts as a referral source for parties seeking neutrals to serve in ICC arbitration.

USCIB/ICC USA engages in the following matters:

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