ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR

ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR is a forum of experts nominated by ICC national committees that examines major issues of practical concern to international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution.

The U.S. Delegates to the Commission can be found here.

The ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR aims to:

  • Draft and revise ICC’s Arbitration, Mediation, Expert, Dispute Boards Rules and other forms of dispute resolution rules
  • Study the juridical and other aspects of arbitration and alternative modes of international dispute settlement, and examine them in view of current developments
  • Provide reports, guidelines and best practices on a range of topics of current relevance to the world of arbitration and ADR, with a view to improving ICC dispute resolution services
  • Create a link among arbitrators, counsel and users to enable ICC dispute resolution to respond to users’ needs
  • Promote ICC’s various dispute resolution services globally

The Commission’s projects for 2020-2021 include the following:

Recent reports:

Current Task Forces on:

  • The list of current Commission’s Task Forces and Working Groups can be found here
  • Addressing Issues of Corruption in International Arbitration
  • ICC Guide on National Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of Awards under the New York Convention – Third Edition
  • ADR and Arbitration