Fighting for Pro-FDI Policies at the OECD

Shaun Donnelly, USCIB’s vice president for investment and financial services, led the a team of representatives from BIAC, the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD, at last week’s “stakeholder” consultations with  the OECD Investment Committee in Paris.

Sparring with trade union and NGO representatives, who also have stakeholder status at the OECD, Donnelly urged OECD member governments to adopt consistent, predictable pro-investment policies and to speak up forcefully on behalf of the unique contributions of foreign direct investment to economic growth, competitiveness and jobs.

Donnelly highlighted the importance of high-standard international investment agreements, including provisions for arbitration and investor/state dispute settlement to resolve major investment problems. The BIAC team strongly encouraged the OECD secretariat and member governments to give a higher priority and greater visibility to its pro-investment policy efforts in the overall OECD work program.

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