ICC Launches Spanish Version of Framework on Alcohol Advertising

4732_image001A Spanish edition of the International Chamber of Commerce’s global framework to help strengthen self-regulation for marketing alcohol has been launched today in Mexico City at a meeting of the ICC Mexico Commission on Marketing and Advertising. This follows the launch
of a Mandarin language translation of ICC’s global marketing code last week in Beijing.

The framework clarifies the do’s and don’ts for responsible marketing of alcohol and serves as the basis for developing self-regulatory rules for marketing alcohol where they do not already exist.

The Spanish edition has been translated by ICC Mexico from the original English version, which launched in March 2014. It will help advertising professionals understand how existing global marketing principles should be applied in practice while offering companies and self-regulatory bodies a guide for bolstering responsible practice across markets.

The commission worked with the alcohol sector to ensure that the framework helps companies meet self-regulation commitments without disrupting existing codes. In Mexico the alcohol industry was strongly supportive of the framework and encouraged its adoption and implementation.

Raul Rodriguez, Chair of ICC Mexico’s Marketing and Advertising Commission said: “It is without a doubt that this framework will become an important reference to industries in Mexico, considering that recognition of self-regulation systems in marketing and advertising is growing in the sectors involved: industry, regulation authorities, policymakers and consumers themselves; this encourages and drives the making of these types of conduct codes.”

The ICC Commission on Marketing and Advertising is the body of global experts responsible for developing and updating the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice, which serves as the gold standard for most national and regional self-regulation.

The ICC has served as the authoritative rule-setter for international advertising since the 1930s, when the first code on advertising practice was issued. Since then, it has updated and expanded the self-regulatory framework to assist companies in marketing their products responsibly and to help self-regulators apply the rules consistently.

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