ICC Statement on Using AI in Advertising and Marketing Communications

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) released a statement on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advertising and marketing communications. ICC’s position on AI will also be reflected in the upcoming 2024 launch of the revised ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code (“the ICC Code”). The ICC Code is a globally applicable, self-regulatory framework, developed by experts across all industry sectors worldwide.

The upcoming revised version of the ICC Code will reiterate and clearly address in the scope that marketers’ responsibilities do not change with the use of AI and marketing communications prepared or delivered using AI must meet the same standards as all marketing communications.

ICC states: the ICC Code covers all forms of commercial marketing communications and is media and technology neutral. It applies to all mediums and platforms including social media, mobile, virtual and marketing communications using AI, as well as new technologies that become available in the future. As such, it serves as a practical resource for practitioners developing and delivering marketing communications, including with the assistance of AI, algorithms, and other automated technologies. Marketers should ensure that the ICC Code is followed whether marketing communications are created, modified or delivered solely by humans or with the assistance of AI, whether in whole or in part. When employing such technologies, marketers must remain at the helm and continue to exercise due care and oversight to ensure that marketing communications are legal, decent, honest, truthful, and that data privacy policies are adhered to. Careful oversight should be in place to ensure that marketing communications do not incite or condone any form of discrimination. Marketers are also encouraged to be mindful of diversity and inclusion in advertising and seek to avoid stereotypes and objectification.”

For the full statement, please click here.


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