USCIB Cites Concerns Over End of “Safe Harbor”

Digital GlobeUSCIB joined 22 other associations in signing a letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker explaining how the wholesale invalidation of the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor program will negatively impact the business operations of thousands of companies that rely on transatlantic commercial data transfers.

Established in 2000, the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework makes it easier for American companies to certify that they meet an “adequacy” standard for digital privacy protection, which under EU law is necessary to allow businesses to transfer data from EU countries. On October 6, the EU Court of Justice ruled that the 2000 U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Decision is invalid.

“This invalidation constitutes a serious disruption for the thousands of companies that have relied on the framework for commercial data transfers between the EU and the United States,” wrote USCIB and 22 other U.S. and EU tech-based associations in a joint letter to the European Commission. “These commercial data flows are central to facilitating transatlantic trade and the continued development of Europe’s data driven economy.”

The letter explained that “companies take their legal