Policy & Program

Norine Kennedy

Senior VP, Policy and Global Strategy
Tel: 212.703.5052

Brian Lowry

Senior VP, Innovation, Regulation, and Trade
Tel: 202.617.3159

Jose Arroyo

Policy & Program Associate, Corporate Responsibility & Labor Affairs and Corporate Governance
Tel: 212.703.5083

Alice Slayton Clark

Director, Investment, Trade and China
Tel: 202.682.0051

Megan Giblin

Director, Customs and Trade Facilitation
Tel: 202.371.9235

Ashley Harrington

Policy & Program Assistant
Tel: 202.682.5861

Gabriella Rigg Herzog

VP, Corporate Responsibility and Labor Affairs
Tel: 212.703.5056

Rick Minor

VP and International Tax Counsel
Tel: 202.682.7376

Christopher Olsen

Policy Manager, Regulation and Trade
Tel: 202.617.3156

Barbara Wanner

VP, ICT Policy & Managing Director, Washington Office
Tel: 202.617.3155

Agnes Vinblad

Policy & Program Associate, Sustainability
Tel: 212.703.5082