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Accepts ATA Carnets for:

  • Commercial Samples
  • Exhibitons and Fairs
  • Professional Equipment

Visit MELILLA Customs at:

Spanish Superior Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Navigation

Ribera del Loria 12
28042 Madrid, Spain

Tel: (34-91) 590.6900 or 590.6914
Fax: (34-1) 590.6908

WWW Site:

Special Considerations

Ceuta and Melilla: Since the end of 2013 ATA Carnets are being accepted by local authorities in Ceuta and Melilla though there is no official communication of such acceptance from the local authorities of these two autonomous cities.

Both are autonomous territories located in North Africa. To visit these cities, holders will either go through Málaga or Cádiz by sea or Madrid or Málaga by plane. Ceuta and Melilla belong to the EU but are not a part of the Customs Union territory. Ceuta and Melilla have their own taxes named IPSI. The rate is from a minimum of 0.5% to a maximum of 10% of value declared.

Using ATA Carnets for Ceuta and Melilla: To travel between EU, including Spain, to and from Ceuta and Melilla, two sets of white counterfoil/vouchers must be issued, one set for entry into Ceuta or Melilla and one set for entry back to Spain or other EU countries. If the holder plans to visit both Ceuta and Melilla, two sets will be issued one for each city.

ATA Carnet claims for Ceuta and Melilla will be handed by the Spanish GA, Cámara de Comercio de España.


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