A U.S. trade agenda that benefits all Americans

• Support strong enforcement of trade and investment rules and agreements
• Work with the incoming Administration to open markets to U.S. goods and services, establish high-standard global rules for trade and investment, and update existing trade agreements
• Urge the new Administration to complete a significant Environmental Goods Agreement
• Secure robust implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
• Support effective implementation of key provisions included in the Customs Reauthorization Act
• Play a lead role in outreach to educate and build support for trade and investment policies that deliver the widest benefit to the most people in the U.S. Policies that promote and protect cross-border investment
• Eliminate policies requiring forced localization and restricting cross-border data flows
• Ensure high-standard investment chapters, including strong investor-state dispute settlement, in U.S. agreements
• Advocate forcefully for pro-investment policies in the U.S. and internationally, including strong enforcement provisions
• Work with the U.S. government to get a strong U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty

Business leadership on greener economic growth, job creation and enhanced U.S. competitiveness

• Press key IGOs, U.S. government, APEC, OECD and G20 labor ministers for flexible labor markets, women’s economic empowerment, pro-growth labor policies and youth employment
• Promote policies needed to build a workforce ready to compete and succeed in the 21st century economy
• Ensure international institutions are transparent and accountable to key stakeholders
• Continue business leadership in UN implementation of the 2030 development agenda and SDGs
• Advocate at APEC in areas of special USCIB expertise (e.g., chemicals, customs, privacy, health)

Related Committees

APEC Working Group - The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Working Group advocates for open trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region.
Banking - The Banking Committee increases the efficiency of global trade by promoting the standardization of international banking and commercial practices and procedures.
China - The China Committee monitors Chinese regulatory developments and engages with international organizations on issues greatly affecting U.S. business in China.
Competition - The Competition Committee promotes international legal policies that favor an open and competitive environment for U.S. business. 
Customs and Trade Facilitation - The Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee promotes eliminating trade barriers and harmonizing global customs and border procedures.
Financial Services - The Financial Services Committee promotes financial stability and an effective regulatory and supervisory framework for global financial markets.
Taxation - The Taxation Committee promotes sound and consistent international tax policy and advocates against government policies that result in double taxation.
Trade and Investment - The Trade and Investment Committee advocates for opening global markets by eliminating barriers to trade and investment, spurring growth and job creation.