Spotlight on USCIB Members: Pledge to America’s Workers

In response to a rapidly changing economy that necessitates re-skilling and re-training of workers, USCIB welcomed a White House Executive Order establishing the National Council for the American Worker in July 2018. With a mission to “properly respond to the changing needs in the world of work,” the council created a Pledge to America’s Workers, which, in just over a year, has been signed by over 300 companies and organizations and has generated more than 13 million training and education opportunities.

Now as the U.S. Department of Labor gears up to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week in the fall, USCIB will be spotlighting USCIB members that have signed the Pledge to America’s Workers.

“USCIB members recognize the importance of investing in employees to ensure retention and to attract future talent for evolving 21st century job needs,” noted USCIB Vice President for Corporate Responsibility and Labor Affairs Gabriella Rigg Herzog. “In light of DOL’s Apprenticeship Week, we want to celebrate our members’ commitment and measurable impact thus far.”

The National Council for the American Worker—which is comprised of members from the executive branch, private employers, educational institutions, labor unions, non-profits and local governments—is responsible for developing a national strategy for training and retraining students and workers to fill current vacancies, with recent estimates indicating 7 million potential jobs.

Watch this space as we share weekly case studies of USCIB members that are making an impact.

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