Magnifying Your Voice with USCIB:

  • USCIB’s Tax Committee is the most respected U.S. business association on international tax issues. USCIB is the only U.S. business association formally affiliated with the world’s three largest business organizations where we work with business leaders across the globe to extend our reach to influence policymakers in international markets that are important to American business.

Trends and Challenges Facing U.S. Business:

  • Multiple sets of inconsistent rules that drive up costs and result in double taxation
  • The mounting political pressure to move towards changing the taxation of the digitalized economy
  • Efforts to unfairly increase the tax burden on companies

USCIB’s Response:

  • Build consensus with like-minded industry peers and participate in off-the-record briefings with policymakers both home and abroad
  • Engage with the OECD on the development of international taxation principles
  • Proactively shape the development of the OECD’s guidance on the taxation of the digitalized economy by demonstrating to policymakers that unilateral action can result in double taxation, decreased trade, and reduced global growth
  • Actively monitor and contribute to the work of the UN Committee of Tax Experts to ensure its alignment with the work of the OECD Tax Committee and inform policymakers of their actions’ impact on investment
  • Support enactment of foreign tax simplification provisions in the IRC that would significantly reduce the burden of complexity for U.S. companies and enhance their international competitiveness
  • Host an annual conference in Washington, DC that provides a unique opportunity for the U.S. business community to interact with key representatives from the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (“CTPA”).

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Recent Accomplishments:


John A. Stowell
Head of Global Tax and International Financial Reporting
The Walt Disney Company

Vice Chairs

Jocelyn Krabbenschmidt
International Tax Director
Apple Inc.

Carolina Perez-Lopez
VP Global Tax Planning and Tax Counsel
Johnson & Johnson

Tom Roesser
Senior Director, Tax Affairs
Microsoft Corporation

Vice Chairs

Erik Rosenfeld
VP Taxes, North America
Procter & Gamble

Daniel Smith
Director, International Tax Planning & Policy
Google Inc.

Lennaert ten Cate
PepsiCo Inc.

Wendy Unglaub
VP, Chief Tax Officer, and Principal Tax Counsel
General Mills

Vice Chairs

Jason Weinstein
Vice President, Tax, North America

Chad J. Withers
Chief Tax Officer
Caterpillar Inc.

USCIB Leadership

Rick Minor
Vice President and International Tax Counsel
202-682-7376 or


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