USCIB Contributes to ICANN Leadership Selections

ICANN manages the Internet’s domain name system
ICANN manages the Internet’s domain name system

Since its creation, the multi-stakeholder Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which oversees the Internet domain name system, or DNS, has forged close links with private sector groups including USCIB.  This partnership has most recently included our participation in the nominating committee for new ICANN board members and other leadership positions.

The NomCom, as it is known, has announced its selection of seven new appointees.  These include three new ICANN board members: Cherine Chalaby of Egypt, currently chairman of Rasmala Investment Bank and former managing partner with Accenture; Bertrand de la Chapelle of France, currently special envoy for the information society in the French Foreign Ministry; and Erika Mann of Germany, executive vice president with the Computer and Communications Industry Association and a former European parliamentarian.

“These new leaders bring strong board governance, and international business and political experience, to ICANN’s leadership at an important time in ICANN’s evolution,” according to Chris Martin, USCIB’s manager for DNS policy, who served on the 2010 NomCom.

ICANN faces a number of challenges, according to Mr. Martin.  “It must wisely develop and implement important current initiatives, such as the potential rollout of new top-level domains like .eco or .music,” he observed.  “More broadly, the private sector-led and multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance embodied by organizations like ICANN is facing renewed pressure from some stakeholders, who seek to increase government involvement.”

Mr. Martin expressed confidence that the new leaders appreciate the important role that ICANN plays, and can help it successfully navigate these challenges not only as strategic decision-makers within the organization, but also as advocates for ICANN’s private-sector model and its central role in coordinating the Internet’s DNS.

The NomCom is charged with ensuring that ICANN’s leadership is diverse in geography, culture, skills, experience and perspective.  It evaluated over 80 candidates in the last round.  View the full announcement and list of selections by clicking here.

Staff contact: Barbara Wanner

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