USCIB Joins World ATA Carnet Council Meeting

Declan Daly, Vice Chair ATAC/WATAC, USCIB; Eva Zontar, Chamber of Commerce & Industry Slovenia; Yuan Chai, International Chamber of Commerce; Jelena Karamarkovic, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serbia; and Henk Wit, Chair ATAC/WATAC, The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.

Last week, USCIB participated in the World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC) meeting in Paris. WATAC is a specialized council managed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Fifty-five participants from 35 member countries attended.  

At the meeting, WATAC voted to elect Serbia and Slovenia to the ICC World Chambers Federation ATA Administrative Committee (ATAC), comprised of 12 elected member countries.  

Key topics from the meeting included the ongoing digital ATA Carnet, or eATA project, and the impact of wars and sanctions on the guaranteeing chain. 

Three new countries are joining the chain in 2024: Peru, Saudi Arabia and Philippines, bringing the total number of countries to 81.    

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