USCIB on Social Media

USCIB and USCIB policy experts are increasingly active on a number of top social media platforms, with the goal of promoting greater awareness for our views and policy priorities, highlighting major events, new projects and partnerships, interacting with users of our essential trade services, and informing the public about the importance of international trade and investment in driving growth and prosperity.

If you’re not already doing so, please engage with USCIB on the following social media platforms:

Follow @USCIB on Twitter to join a network of more than 5,000 followers (and growing!) to keep up-to-date on USCIB news, statements, staff and event announcements, relevant publications and special offers.

USCIB maintains a LinkedIn group that encompasses more than 5,000 members, affiliates, partner organizations and staff (including former staff).

USCIB’s YouTube page has videos of some recent events, staff messages from the field, promotional messages, issue-oriented advertisements and more.

USCIB on Twitter