USCIB’s Goldberg Contributes to New Report on Enhancing Security in Cross-Border Trade

4781_image001The global economy has empowered criminals and terrorists on an international scale, and the challenge of preventing illicit activities has proven too much for traditional top-down government controls.

To better address this threat, the Stimson Center’s senior-level Partners in Prevention Task Force, which includes USCIB’s Senior Counsel Ronnie Goldberg, has endorsed seven proposals to advance both security and industry competitiveness by leveraging public-private partnerships that harness the power of decentralized, market-based incentives.

Targeted at U.S. industry and government stakeholders, the proposals follow an 18-month Stimson Center collaboration with hundreds of high-tech manufacturers and service providers, transport and logistics firms, and insurance providers. Several USCIB members participated in the project.

The report highlights several ways industry and government can collaborate to create a set of next-generation “trusted trader” regimes that facilitate legitimate trade and focus enforcement resources on higher-risk transactions. Task force members argue that “this is an especially opportune moment to act” on these ideas given the recently concluded WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the growing network of Mutual Recognition Arrangements among countries with Authorized Economic Operator programs. The report also addresses the U.S. government’s Export Control Reform Initiative, information sharing, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program, and implementation of the International Trade Data System.

Goldberg commented: “There is increasing recognition of the importance of public-private partnerships.  Governments have a vital interest in bringing the experience, resources, and expertise of business to bear on the complex national security challenges posed by a globalized economy.”

“Ronnie brought deep subject matter expertise and an important ‘multi-stakeholder’ perspective to this effort,” said Brian Finlay, Stimson’s managing director. “She offered compelling insights on the economic, social, and security dynamics of an interdependent, global economy. She drew on many years of work with the OECD, International Chamber of Commerce, and ILO to convey the views of a diverse set of players at the national and international levels. But above all, she was a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Finlay continued: “We also benefited significantly from the expertise of some of Ronnie’s USCIB colleagues. In particular, we would like to thank Kristin Isabelli for her time and valuable substantive contributions. I hope Stimson has the good fortune to cross paths again soon with the USCIB team.”

Goldberg worked alongside task force chairman and former Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Science and Technology Jay Cohen (RADM, USN, Ret), as well as other industry leaders and national security experts, in shaping the recommendations.

An initiative of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Stimson Center, the group’s report was unveiled on May 29 in Washington, D.C. at an event featuring keynote remarks by senior White House advisor Rand Beers.

Staff contacts: Ronnie Goldberg and Kristin Isabelli

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