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ATA Carnet  for U.S. Commercial Service Trade Specialists

On June 23rd, 2009 the USCIB signed a multi-year agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service to promote U.S. exports, through educating and assisting small firms with temporary duty free exports.

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ATA Carnet HQ

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CBP related filings:

10+2 Importer Security Filing



What is a Carnet

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How to get a Carnet

What goes on Carnet

Where can Carnets be used

How to use a Carnet



Carnets ease headaches for temporary exports

Mexico to Accept “Merchandise Passports”

UAE  welcomes US ATA Carnets

Bosnia Joins ATA Carnet system

Punkin Chunkin Championships

Macau Joins the ATA Carnet System

U.S. Exports Rise 17.9 in 2010

Moldova Joins ATA Carnet System

Tips for increasing Sales In International Markets

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Staff Contact:   Glendy Sung

VP, Carnet Operations
Tel: 212.703.5073

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