Vinblad Appointed as a Young Business Expert for Business at OECD’s Youth Network 

Agnes Vinblad

As the sole U.S. affiliate of Business at OECD (BIAC), USCIB has a long history of successful collaboration with the organization. Together with its members, USCIB is actively participating in BIAC’s policy committees pertaining to critical issue areas such as climate change, agriculture, labor and trade, with the goal of providing a constructive global business voice into OECD decision-making processes.  

USCIB Policy Manager for Environment and Sustainable Development Agnes Vinblad has been appointed as one of thirteen young business experts from across BIAC’s national business members and affiliated companies to join their pilot Business for Youth Network cohort. In line with the overall influence of youth across multilateral fora, BIAC states that, “integrating the voice of young people into core Business at OECD (BIAC) policymaking remains high on our agenda with the creation of our Business For Youth Network. This group of young business experts and youth coordinators from our global membership will contribute to our discussions and promote opportunities for youth and inclusion of youth in the labor markets while providing their perspective on new initiatives as appropriate.”  

The Business for Youth Network will be involved in selected BIAC policy groups and provide youth perspectives to key BIAC statements. During 2023, the Network will convene a Business for Youth Roundtable, develop a Business for Youth Vision Paper, and close the year with a joint BIAC-TUAC-OECD Youth networks event on global youth priorities.  

“I welcome and commend BIAC’s leadership on meaningful youth engagement and inclusion,” said Vinblad. “As we are seeing an increased influence of the youth constituency across UN bodies and elsewhere, it’s critical to ensure that youth is heard in the context of business and labor markets as well. After all, today’s youth represent both the employees and employers of tomorrow,” she added.  

To find out more about the Network, visit BIAC’s designated youth webpage.  

Staff Contact:   Agnes Vinblad

Policy Manager, Environment and Sustainable Development
Tel: 646. 404. 3298

Agnes Vinblad is a Policy Manager for Environment and Sustainable Development at USCIB. In this role, she works directly with USCIB Senior Vice President for Policy and Global Strategy, Norine Kennedy, on topics pertaining to international environmental policy and issues such as climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable development, among others. Agnes covers policy developments at various multilateral organizations, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Business at the OECD (BIAC), and the United Nations. She has represented USCIB members' interests at conferences at the UN in New York, and elsewhere around the globe.

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