Public Consultation on the OECD Corporate Governance Principles

The OECD Corporate Governance Principles are intended to assist governments and regulators in their efforts to evaluate and improve the legal, regulatory and institutional framework for corporate governance and provide guidance for stock exchanges, investors, corporations and others to foster good corporate governance. The objective of the OECD Principles is to contribute to economic efficiency, sustainable growth and financial stability.

The principles are currently being reviewed to ensure their continuing relevance and usefulness, and to take into account recent developments in the corporate sector and capital markets. After detailed discussion on the revised draft at the October OECD corporate governance meeting, on which the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD submitted comments, the OECD is currently inviting public comments on the latest draft text. Based on the outcome of the public consultation, a revised draft will be discussed at the next OECD Committee meeting in February 2015. BIAC will continue to contribute all along the process, both during the public consultation and in the discussions at committee level.

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