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Business at OECD (BIAC) Trade Committee led by Pat Ivory (center). Also in photo: Marion Jansen, Director of the OECD Trade Committee and USCIB’s Alice Slayton Clark

USCIB Advocates Member Interests at OECD Trade and Investment Committees

USCIB joined Business at OECD (BIAC) to advocate member interests in Paris at the October meetings of the OECD Trade and Investment Committees.

Under consideration by the OECD Trade Committee were the trade impacts of the war in Ukraine and the process for considering the OECD accession candidates—Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Peru and Romania. According to USCIB Director Alice Slayton Clark, who attended the meetings in Paris, of concern is managing OECD overload from undertaking market openness reviews for all five candidates, with the European countries likely to be fast-tracked due to their adherence to the European Single Market and Common Commercial Policy.

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