Hampl Emphasizes Importance of Foreign Investment at OECD


USCIB Senior Director for Investment, Trade and Financial Services Eva Hampl was in Paris last week participating in investment and trade related meetings at the OECD October 23-24. Hampl had a speaking role in every meeting, sharing business views, opportunities and concerns. Hampl’s speaking engagements kicked off with the Business at OECD consultation with the OECD Investment Committee. Business at OECD had submitted three short papers on issues of important to business in investment, covering issues such as investment policies related to national security, the importance of a well-designed investment protection mechanism and foreign direct investment qualities.

“We underlined the issue of global value chains and the rules-based trading system, specifically on the importance of strong investment protection mechanisms (ISDS), particularly in light of recent developments to erode those protection for many industries,” said Hampl. “The evening prior, we had an open and frank discussion with the Head of Investment in the OECD Secretariat, as well as the Chair of the OECD Investment Committee, which provided another opportunity to raise our various issues of concern in a more informal setting.”

Hampl also attended a joint meeting of the OECD Trade and Investment Committees, which included a presentation on the OECD Digital Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI) by the OECD. At the consultation, Hampl made an official intervention on behalf of Business at OECD, expressing USCIB’s support of the joint meeting, and raising some of USCIB’s priority issues, including the multilateral trading system (WTO reform), state-owned enterprises, and digital trade.

Additionally Hampl served as a discussant on behalf of Business at OECD at a Policy Network Meeting on the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Qualities, during which she expressed general support for the project and underlined the importance of investment. According to Hampl, the draft paper is quite good already, specifically stating that it is not attempting to categorize between good and bad investment, and is focused on measurable outcomes. Hampl also had the opportunity to underline the importance of an open investment environment and concern that recent trends of protectionist policies are harmful to business during her role as discussant in the First Roundtable on Investment and Sustainable Development.


Staff Contact:   Alice Slayton Clark

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