USCIB Welcomes New US Ambassador to UN in Geneva

L-R: Rob Mulligan, Peter Robinson, Andrew Bremberg, Shaun Donnelly

Newly-confirmed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations offices in Geneva, Andrew Bremberg, visited USCIB’s Washington office on November 5 to share U.S. government priorities and to hear business perspectives and concerns before heading to Geneva to assume his post later this week. Throughout the discussion, Ambassador Bremberg emphasized that the U.S. government’s current priority, as well as his top personal priority, is to reform and improve international organizations.  

USCIB members from The Walt Disney Company, Facebook, ExxonMobil, Hanesbrands, PMI and Walmart, along with USCIB policy experts, emphasized the importance of supporting inclusive multilateralism such as that found in the World Trade Organization and International Labor Organization, and changing the persistent and counter-productive discriminatory treatment that the private sector encounters in some UN agencies.

USCIB’s Norine Kennedy, who helped lead the USCIB delegation to Geneva earlier this year, noted USCIB initiatives to help further inclusive multilateralism through USCIB’s All In Campaign. Several participants expressed appreciation for the support Ambassador Bremberg’s team at the U.S. Mission in Geneva has been providing to U.S. business.

“We see ourselves as global regulatory diplomats,” added USCIB President and CEO Peter Robinson. “The challenges facing society today cannot be solved by governments without having business at the table.  We look forward to working with Ambassador Bremberg and his staff as he begins his important work with the WHO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Labor Organization, the International Telecommunications Union and other UN agencies in Geneva.”


Staff Contact:   Alice Slayton Clark

VP, International Investment and Trade Policy
Tel: 202.682.0051

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